As in ancient times, the most important time in our processing calendar is September to December, when the olive harvest takes place. Olives are still gathered by hand with great care (as they were in ancient times) to prevent even the slightest bruising to the precious fruit.

The olives are inspected, sorted and then classified by size, with only the best fruit selected for processing.


From the moment they are gathered until the time they are packed for sale, Crespo Les Olives du Marché undergo a long and painstaking process, during which they acquire their full quality and flavour. The process differs according to the style of olive to be produced:

Green Olives are harvested starting in the month of September and are sorted by our highly experienced staff. Once their stems are removed the olives are treated to remove their natural bitterness, then held in underground tanks at a constant temperature.

Black Olives remain on the tree somewhat longer, until they take on a rosy glow, the first sign of ripening. They are harvested at this stage, then ripened in vats to produce a handsome, round and glossy Black Olive.

The olives used for Crespo Greek-style Dry Black Olives are left to ripen on the tree, in the sun. They are picked once they are a mature, glossy black, heavy with natural oil. They are dried in salt to produce “Greek-style” olives, which are full and smooth in texture yet with a characteristic wrinkled appearance.


Crespo Les Olives du Marché are carefully selected, and their quality is monitored by experienced Quality Control Specialists throughout the production and packing processes to ensure the taste and texture of market-fresh olives. Only those olives produced to the expert standards of the Crespo plants in Seville (Spain) and Marrakech (Morocco), will carry the Crespo Les Olives du Marché label.

The Crespo family’s experience and love of olives are the key to the renowned “Crespo” quality, now exported all over the world and acclaimed by even the most demanding critics. The Crespo family stand behind all of their products, as we do.